After owning for over a decade, I've decided to use this as a venue for my experiments in the kitchen, my experiments to forge a creative and healthy life, a place to think about the good things, and a place to work out the hard things. And ultimately, a place for me to showcase my extensive fake food collection.  

My hope is that my entries will help me adapt to the ever-changing nature of my personal goals, my family and my relationship to my husband, Dave. I find myself experiencing some major growing pains, but it's also an exciting time of new found strength. I hope my blog is a place where I can include photos of my daughters alongside my searches for solutions to difficult questions. I'm not sure how appropriate those two things are sitting side by side in posts, but it is me. 

fakefood will also be a place to read about my cooking adventures. I love to watch cooking shows, but I get frustrated by recipes that have too many weird ingredients, use too many pans and have no awareness that most of us don't have spacious kitchens or an extra abundance of time to spend in the kitchen. I love to cook, but most of the time, I'm coming home after a full day at work and I just want to eat good food and fast. So what you will find here are simple recipes, many of which will be credited to real chefs, but you will know that they are tried and true, simple and delicious, include a few tips of my own, and possible to make in a small kitchen on a crappy electric stove. It is my hope that as I catalog more cooking experiments, my abilities will evolve and more recipes will be my own. Small kitchen and big flavor is my goal!

And lastly, fakefood will have many, many photos of fun and adorable fake food.

Thanks for reading & hope to hear from you,

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