This is super special fake food because it was hand made by my daughter, Jordan. She made these just for me in her needle felting elective at school. 

Included are a sake nigiri (salmon), kappa maki (cucumber roll), tekka maki (tuna roll), and my favorite part, the wasabi!

I went to my favorite Japanese food store, Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley, and bought the wooden platform for full presentation effect. For those of you who don't know, Tokyo Fish is an amazing Japanese specialty food market with exceptionally fresh sushi-grade fish. They also carry a select inventory of fresh vegetables and our favorite fresh tofu from the Sacramento Tofu Company. Also attached is a small gift store with Japanese cooking utensils, dishware and other gift items. 
On my wish list is a Hangiri, a Japanese wooden mixing bowl specifically used for making sushi rice. The wood helps to absorb excess moisture from the rice so you can get the perfect texture for sushi.

04/14/2013 5:57pm

Can I give this to you for your birthday?


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