I love when caf├ęs serve you a glass of water with your coffee--very European!
One of the many treats of working for Wilderness Travel are our "Free Fridays." The office is divided into four groups, and each group gets one Friday off each month. On my December FF, I dropped off the girls at school, and then crawled back into bed for the ultimate indulgence--a weekday morning nap!

Later, Cate, Jet, Franny & Jordan and I headed to Masse's Pastries in the North Berkeley Vine District for delectable treats. I enjoyed a cappuccino, Gingerbread woman and an Amaretti Bianchi, which remind me of my favorite Kransekage, an almond paste cake with the consistency of a cookie, eaten at celebrations in Denmark. Since Dave is half Danish, we had a tiered Kransekage at our wedding.

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