Greg's crinkle fries: Fisher-Price, circa early 90s
My nephew, Greg, got these as a gift from his mom many years ago. Greg must have been only four or five, and I was ready to jump on him and steal his new toy. I had always loved fake food and collected things when I was little, but in my early adult years, I practiced restraint. That is until Greg unwrapped these crinkle fries. My love for fake food was rekindled and has never waned again.

My sister-in-law remembered how I coveted these fries, and when her sons went off to college and she was going through old boxes, she saved these for me. For that, they are incredibly sentimental and among my favorite in my collection.

Yes, they are plastic and too uniform and the box is not realistic as a french fry container, but there's something about them that make it work. I'm not sure how I will ever quantify this, but it's like an Andy Warhol -- they POP!

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