Self-portrait: At the "Rest & Relax" center at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, Korea.

I'm enjoying a nine hour lay-over at Incheon International airport in Seoul, Korea. Who would ever think lay-over and enjoy would be in the same sentence! Sure I'd rather be on my way home, but if one has to spend long hours in an airport, then Incheon is the place to be.

Fast WiFi, free lounge chairs in a quiet zone where I was actually able to sleep this morning (I departed Koror, Palau, at 2:55AM this morning), decent and reasonably priced food (I had tempura udon but forgot to photograph it) for about nine bucks, 110 volt charging stations, drinking fountains that are clearly marked as purified drinking water, every designer store conceivable (if you're into that), and finally a cultural center where you can do arts and crafts while listening to live music. Whoa--this place rocks. Korean Air has also been exemplary with efficient boarding and courteous in-flight service. They don't wake you up during mealtimes! The economy class seats seem way more spacious than normal Anerican carriers, too.

Korean Traditional Cultural Experience in the departures area where I got todo arts and crafts.
Making a print of a traditional roof tile with lotus design by stamping with an ink-soaked cotton tool .
Hand-painted a Dancheong Bokjumeoni (a good luck charm) using bright colors that exemplify how traditional wood buildings were decorated. This was a very relaxing activity!

I board in an hour. Land in SFO in twelve and hopefully will be awake enough to pick up my babies when 5PM rolls around. They have callbacks for the school play--break a leg! I'll try to post about Palau this weekend!


I see that this is a very nice airport


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